Our focus as a ministry and movement is on following Yeshua of Nazareth, in a Hebrew way, together. What exactly does that mean to us?

Following Yeshua...
When the first disciples heard "follow me", they understood they were being invited into a relationship with this Rabbi from Nazareth. Through this journey of discipleship they would become like him, and go on to change the world for him. They knew that following Yeshua was all about knowing Yeshua.

In a Hebrew way...
That's why we are learning to read Yeshua's Bible, in his language! Hebrew isn't just a language - it's a way of following in the footsteps of Jesus, our Jewish Rabbi and Messiah. Christ is best understood within the original Hebrew context of the Bible. This makes Judaism’s holy language especially sacred to us.

The individuals who followed Yeshua became a safe and loving community. Same with us! As an organization educating individuals, we're Holy Language "Institute". As students supporting each other, we're the Holy Language "Tribe". Together, we are a movement, making disciples and changing the world.

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