Shalom! I'm Izzy Avraham, the founding teacher. I tell my story in lesson 14 of Hebrew Quest, but I'll share a shorter version for you here too.

I've been blessed to live with one foot in Christianity, and the other in Judaism. My Dad and Grandpa were both Southern Baptist preachers, and I spent my first couple years of life in Texas while my Dad was going to Seminary. I grew up in Baptist and Alliance churches, with some charismatic and house church experiences thrown in. I've always loved the Bible, and was even involved in a Bible-quizzing program in my mid-teens in which I memorized whole books of the New Testament. I could quote Matthew, Hebrews, 1 and 2 Peter, and most of Romans for memory.

When I was 16 God called me in a very powerful way, which set the trajectory of my life until now. For the next several years I spent the majority of my time in prayer and Bible study. It was such an intense time of training and supernatural preparation that I fasted for months on end, eating only one meal per day, and sometimes fasted altogether, including a fast that lasted for over 40 days.

When I was 20 I had a series of revelations from the Bible about the Jewishness of Jesus, the coming kingdom of God, the relevance of Torah, and the role of Israel and the messianic Jewish movement in the End of Days. God drew me back to my own Jewish heritage, and for the next several years I went to synagogue, learned about the Jewish religion, and spent hours a day studying the Bible in Hebrew. I also took three trips to Israel, and spent about a year there in total.

I've been involved in the leadership of two Messianic congregations, and was a pastor for several years before dedicating myself full-time to the mission of Holy Language Institute. I'm a member of a Conservative synagogue where I worship regularly, and I also have close ties with a Messianic synagogue associated with the UMJC. All that to say that I'm very involved with the Jewish world, which is where I feel most at home.

It's from this passionate relationship with God, and my own journey of discovery, that the lessons and teachings on this website were birthed. It really is an overflow of my own romance with the Messiah.

I'm married with two kids and my family is my everything. I'm from Western Canada, but I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For fun I fight at the Jackson Wink Academy, one of the best MMA training camps in the world. I'm on Facebook here and I'd love to get a friend request from you.

I'll share one more thing with you. We've already reached hundreds of thousands of people, and we have tens of thousands of followers on our YouTube channel, social media, and email list. But I hope this is just the beginning. This world is huge, the time is short, and the Messiah is worthy.

He is so worthy.

Join the adventure here.