Read the apostle Paul's letter to the Romans in this translation of the New Testament into Biblical Hebrew by Franz Delitzsch. This epistle may have been written in Greek, but you'll be surprised to see how the Hebrew paradigm and rabbinic Jewish background of Saul of Tarsus shines through nonetheless.
Welcome to your Hebrew Verses lessons reading through Romans! You're probably wondering, why bother reading a translation of Romans into Hebrew, when I could read a translation into English way faster, and then have more time for Netflix? Watch the first lesson, for free, for my answer to that. It's worth it, trust me!

~What does "Neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ" mean? No more Jewish people?
~How can the Zionist movement and state of Israel be of God when they're secular?
~Who were the sons of Belial? Who the heck was Belial anyway?
~Why does every single translation phrase "may it never be" differently?
~Why does Scripture say that God is justified? Did he do something wrong?

~A rant about end-times hype versus the fundamentals of discipleship
~How justification by faith changed Izzy's grandfather's life
~"Understanding" this Hebrew word will make your relationships waaay better
~The first time praise is mentioned it's men talking about a gorgeous woman
~Example of the difference between Delitzsch and Salkinson's NT translations

~"Sons of man" is actually gender-inclusive in Hebrew
~Shalom means payback!
~Paul wasn't a racist, but he acknowledged a Jew/Gentile distinction
~You were created with a craving for glory, and that craving is good
~The Hebrew word for rebellious means bitter, negative, reactionary

~Was Paul a racist for saying "for the Jew first"?
~Mashiach means priest or king
~Save means rescue, give victory, make you win
~Jew comes from the verb to thank and praise God

1:1-15 (FREE!)
~Elephant in the room: why read the New Testament in Hebrew?
~Saul's name wasn't changed to Paul
~Calling Gentiles "saints" was a Jewish bombshell
~You can't love someone you're not listening to
~The Hebrew phrases for abunch of things