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Find each other on our global map! | Meet Jo, missionary in Uganda "I have been meeting weekly with a group to study Torah and Christianity's Hebrew Roots, which has triggered a desire to learn to read and speak Hebrew...Christianity received a great loss when Christianity broke from her Hebrew roots."
Golden Hebrew New Testaments and Vocabulary Booklet! | Meet Simon, pastor from the Netherlands "As a follower of our Lord Jesus, I love the Bible. Especially the Tanakh, the Old Testament...and Jesus is the Word made flesh, so also it gives me a deeper relationship with Him."
Git yer free Torah Portions pamphlets here! | Meet Frank "We met a man who invited us to come celebrate Shabbat with a group of Sephardics...We have kept the Shabbat from that time, and are loving learning and keeping Torah, and enjoying growing deeper and more set apart with each passing day."
Meet Douglas "I am convinced that reciting Hebrew phrases is a way to show love and respect for God's chosen people. I have memorized the Shema in Hebrew and recite it in the morning and when I go to bed. I want to read the Bible that Jesus read. I feel that is something that will bring me closer to Yeshua Messiah."
We bond with each other through Hebrew language | Meet Nance, teaching Hebrew to 30+ female inmates "Far too many "Messianics" have lost the "go" part of our great commission...returning to Ghana this year to share what we have learned about our Hebrew heritage in Yeshua, our LIVING TORAH!"
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Meet Horatio, pastor in Jamaica "It was a part of my routine to watch a lesson at 5 am before going out to find work. Hebrew is truly an amazing language; but what else could it be since it is the language of the one true god, YHVH!!" | 38 language experts tell their secrets for learning vocabulary LIKE A BOSS!
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Meet Mayeen "I began studying Christianity in detail in the fall of 2013...the Old Testament really fascinated me. Being fascinated with the Old Testament obviously leads to a healthy interest in Hebrew and I started to think about studying Hebrew seriously." | Free Hipster Hebrew Course!
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Lorraine's story "I had a lot of questions about the "Old Testament" that I never felt were answered...I was so excited as I learned about patterns, parallels, and actual meanings of words. When sharing with others about Yeshua The Messiah it has been made SO CLEAR how essential a grasp on this Holy language is!!"
Chris' story "I work closely with many secular Israeli Jews, whom I love dearly. I am trying to witness to them when I can - all of them are secular. Whenever the topic of religion comes up, there is usually a comment that the English translation is far from the original and that it was a pity I could only read English..."
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Marie's story "Discovering the Jewish roots of our faith has opened my understanding of the Gospels immensely, and has given me a more personal understanding of my Saviour too. The feasts and traditions followed by the Jews so faithfully have such significance." | Your study habits will make or break you!
Tikvah's story "I became very good friends with a woman on Myspace, who was Jewish, and believed Y'shua is Messiah. She taught us a lot of things that were "missing links", as I refer to them, with regard to the festivals, Shabbat, etc."| Sweet little book with Hebrew calendar, journal space, and Torah readings!
Jeromy's story "As I got into my teen years, I felt like there was something missing from what I was being taught...through Hebrew, I finally understand what that pull was to learn more about the Torah and the “Old Testament”.  My son and I thoroughly enjoy comic books, superheroes, and science fiction!"
Melanie just read through the Torah in Hebrew! "I'm so grateful to the Father to have been able to read the exact same text that Yeshua likely did in His life on earth. It was so rewarding to see little details that translators left out, and as a result to have a fuller understanding of what the Word actually means."
Marie's story "Discovering the Jewish roots of our faith has opened my understanding of the Gospels immensely, and has given me a more personal understanding of my Saviour too. The feasts and traditions followed by the Jews so faithfully have such significance." | Your study habits will make or break you!
Dianne's story "A pastor friend taught about Jewish culture and holidays, and another close friend lived in Israel and tells wonderful stories of his experiences.  Both often refer to original Hebrew meanings of words. It is my heart's desire to visit my King's homeland, and I trust one day I will be able to do so!"
Watch Dianne tell her story on video! " | What was the original language of Jesus? ""Any attempt to pin this first-century Judean holy man down to one language ends up concealing him and his world from us...If his language had stayed Hebrew or Aramaic he would never have become Jesus."
David's story "The next thing I knew, I started praying for Israel. A dambreak of groanings, weeping, sobbing, crying, erupted like a torrent out of me... I felt drenched in a love for the people of Israel." | Tirzah is five years old and learning Hebrew from Elihana - and your kids can too!
Hear Clear's story and listen free to his new Hebrew/English album on Psalm 119! "Up until early 2012, on the inside (the place where only my Elohim could see) I was raging with anger and bitterness. Life had not been fair and it was all God’s fault! I would later realize that “my ways were not His ways”.
Korean pastor Sungwhan's story "I really want to teach my church members the bible correctly, so I decided to learn Hebrew Bible." | Listen to the prophetic messages Rabbi Tzahi Shapira, author of 'Return of the Kosher Pig' gave at a Hebrew roots conference this summer!
Watch our first SPANISH videos series FREE! And hear Pablo's story "The impact of the Messianic teachings I have been acquainted with has been such, that about a year ago I felt compelled to start sharing some of those teachings in congregations in my city, pastor's meetings, and a book cafe!"
Genevieve's story "When I read in Hebrew and the words roll off my own tongue and resound through my own vocal chords into the realm of time and space, I feel my heart and spirit swell with pleasure and a deep love connection with my Creator." | Check out our new mobile film studio!
Christy's story "It started with an unquenchable desire to learn Hebrew and a curiosity about and drawing toward the Biblical Appointed Times that I just couldn’t kick...All of a sudden I felt the Lord speak to my heart saying, “Write this down." | Why does Izzy keep calling us a tribe?
Sombra's story "We had found our path. This group worshipped in song and dance and prayer and study and midrash and meals, we learned liturgical prayer and Hebrew through songs, we studied maps of Bible stories and learned the form of Hebrew poetry." | What are the most frequently used words in Hebrew?
Mark's story "God called to me when I was looking at the stars, yes I’m serious.  I was wondering where it all came from when I was out drinking one night on a mountain in the Los Angeles area and I asked into the heavens, among the stars, “If You live and exist..." | Note from Sandi, free Hebrew audio Bible app!
Tracy's story "In the past year or so my heart has been tugging at me, pondering over why I am not ‘connecting’ with God the way I should be. I earnestly prayed to Him to lead me to a path where I would find Him.  This unfolded in the most beautiful way" | Note from Amy, find Hebrew root verbs EASY!
Shirley's story "I stumbled upon a Messianic Passover event in Toronto which caused me to think real hard about some of the confusion in my understanding of the Scriptures...I wanted to dig deeper into the Hebrew roots of Christianity." | Meet Izzy's new daughter Nava and hear the story behind her name!
Sherri's story "I was introduced to something called Messianic Judaism that finally caused everything to fall into place. No longer was I trying to force Scripture to fit what I was doing. And the traditional blessings made me weep!!" | This little yellow man will teach you how to read Hebrew free!
Michael's story "I'm a Bible teacher and I teach, mostly out of the Tanakh, nearly every Sunday. So, at my Christian congregation, I'm a preacher and teacher, while at the Messianic congregation I'm a Talmid (with big ears!)" | Learn to chant the Torah on your iPhone or Android with this free app!
Steven's story "I started to become much more aware of the little country in the Middle East called Israel. The Psalms especially seemed to say that this land was something extraordinary. I read things like, "If I forget you Jerusalem..." | Watch the miraculous story of the revival of Hebrew in this 10 minute video!
Adi's story "In my free time, if I'm not eating, or riding my bike, I am either studying Hebrew or the Bible or, trying to teach myself an Israeli song. :3 Sometimes I like to paint. | Watch stories from the Jewish community in the heartland of Israel - Judea and Samaria!
Vera's story "We have a prison ministry. the LORD impressed me to read Psalms 119 every day. My eyes were being opened to Torah even then. I started seeing that there were things that were required of God’s kids." | Incorporate DIY sign language in your learning sessions to help you learn and remember better!
Chibuzor's story "I fasted and prayed that the Lord Hashem would refine my memory to read and understand...I asked to know His truth, sound doctrine, etc. Yahweh answered my supplication and I became on fire, even more so than my sisters." | See where the Avrahams are living for the summer and peek inside Izzy's film studio!
Caleb's story "I started studying more and all of a sudden I realized my anxiety was disappearing...It was amazing, my mom celebrated her first Passover, and shortly after that God delivered me, her firstborn son, from bondage - A complete miracle." | This little app will help you count the Omer all the way up to Shavuot!
Lucija's story "I am a scientist. I asked God, "Would you speak to me, is there any message You, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have for me?" Now at that time I still believed the lie of evolution..." | Watch 100 Israelis counting to 100 - and each is the age of their number!
Jennifer's story "Coming to understand the significance of the seasons and cycles, commandments and times of the Lord has added richness, depth and substance to my faith...understanding the Hebrew roots of Christianity helped to provide me with a foundation of evidence" | Check out this Hebrew verb cruncher!
Susan's story "I realized I could not even recite the Ten Commandments, much less know if I was obeying them.  So I set out to memorize and learn to obey fully Yahweh's Ten Commandments (because I thought that was all there was at this time in history.)" | Use this free Hebrew verb tables and constructor!
Nez's story "I started reading my Bible and I was determined to read the ENTIRE thing...I had a dream...There is so much that I could tell you, but just know that Yahweh is drawing His people back to Him, He is gathering his people into his truth." | Free online dictionary of Mishnaic, Midrashic, and Talmudic Hebrew
Zach's story "My parents were the founders and leaders of Campus Crusade for Christ. By high school, I had become an apologist for Christian faith...I prayed to YHWH, “If you exist, and get me out of this pit!" | Watch these free videos on Hebrew grammar and verbology
Chana's story "we learned that Yeshua was Jewish, the apostles were Jewish and in fact, the whole Bible was written first for the Jewish people and was about the Jewish people!" | The incredible story of Abraham Shmuelof, the man behind the world's most listened to Hebrew Bible recording
Watch Rachel story on video "When I learn Hebrew, I don't schlep around. Hebrew is the language of God. You learn it, and you handle it correctly. Hebrew comes from inside your gut. People translate Hebrew - not many people talk to God in Hebrew." | Play with this handy English to Hebrew keyboard
Chana's story "I came across some ladies sharing about how the Torah is still relevant for our lives today. Of course this was foreign to me and as I sought to disprove them I began to see they were right!" | Watch this video about the miracle of Hebrew being resurrected and spoken as a modern living language in Israel!
Amariah's story "At twelve I found Yeshua's "Hebrew Way"/And that is what I study to this day./Hebrew understanding opened a new door/It was no surprise I hungered for more!" Use to access the Masoretic and Septuagint texts of the Old Testament and Strong's concordance analysis of words
Lisa's story "My husband and I found Beth Israel Congregation, a congregation that worshiped on Saturdays, offered free Hebrew classes and had wonderful Parasha classes." | 2letterlookup's ancient Hebrew lexicon will tell you all the Hebrew verbs coming from any two letters you type in!
Ingrid's story " I was falling in love with the land of Israel and began to understand what it means to bless Israel. Staying in the land also gave me the opportunity to hear the modern Hebrew language and to kindle a love for the sound of the words." | Use this site to convert between printed and cursive Hebrew!
Cindy's story "After many nights of anguish and reading the Bible, I finally said, "God if you're real please show me how to be saved." I went to sleep expectant, knowing that I truly meant what I said. The next morning, kind of early, I got a knock on my door." | Is Izzy really the leader of the Hebrew Roots movement?
Peter's story "I have been skeptical when it comes to Biblical interpretation because I grew up as a liberal white during the South African apartheid era and the Afrikaans church was using the Bible to justify apartheid." | The Hebrew Bible reader reads to you in Ashkenazi, Sephardi, or Mizrachi dialects!
Tim's story "I turned back to the church hoping to find some peace; instead, I had a life changing experience with Yeshua. I felt called to share His Word.  I went to seminary at night and became a bi-vocational preacher for almost 20 years. " | Listen to our communication gal Katy's first episode on the Devora Clark show!
Bradley's story "I have learned that the original languages contain prose and insights that are easily missed in English, but Hebrew is the key to completely seeing what the Lord promised me years ago - "there is no contradictions in this book."" | Experience HaYovel's intensive Hebrew course at their base in Missouri
Joeyah's story " Back when I was in Egypt the mere mention that you love Israel could jeopardize your life. Learning Hebrew would always raise the suspicion around you of espionage. In mean time, I was reading my Bible..." | This handy journal features Hebrew dates, Torah portions, and Jewish historical events!
Maretta's story "My understanding of being a disciple of Yeshua has gradually brought me to the place of understanding the Hebrew roots of the faith. I first became interested in the Hebrew language so I could read the Tanakh for myself and in its original context." | Did you know Holy Language Institute is volunteer run?
Norma's story "I had a vision - dream - gold letters saying, I am your Father, the letters were appearing one by one and then erased after having read them, were Hebrew letters. They were golden color and the background was black, and had light shone. They were living letters. It was Yeshua."
Javier's story "Without knowing anything of the celebrations or feasts, my first visit to a Messianic congregation was Yom Kippur last year (2014) and not knowing anything about it I went fasting." | Watch these free videos and learn to pronounce Hebrew words like an Israeli - including that problematic resh sound!
Christian's story "I began with wanting to learn Hebrew with the desire to connect with Jewish people and with Israel, and before I could even voice the desire of my heart to Abba, He answered me." | Say hi to us on Snapchat and we'll say hi back!
Deborah's story "Like most, I only knew “about” Him but did not “know” HIM. In 2005, my husband left me for his boss’ daughter. Six weeks later I was in a terrible accident. I was in the hospital for two years. YESHUA showed up personally in my hospital room, when I had nobody else and nothing."
Amy's story "In Israel I noticed that the Hebrew explanation was always the shortest in any display in multiple languages. I thought Hebrew must be so smart and concise. It is only when I started digging that I realized how much I would lose if I only read God's Word in translations in this life." | Hit a learning plateau?
William's story "Reading the “Lutheran Church Fathers” really got me into Hebrew. They are really pointed - if you don’t read the original language of God then you are missing loads. I've been been a lurker of HLI for 2 or 3 years. " | Watch David Reagan's gripping retelling of the miracle of modern Hebrew!
Neven's story "Our Lord spoke to Hebrews in Hebrew language, the Holy Bible is originally written in Hebrew language, my Lord Yeshua who gave his life to take my sins away came from a Hebrew family. That is the reason I wanted to learn Hebrew language" | 5 rituals that will help you learn Hebrew faster
Robert's story "I'm making strides in embracing my God-ordained destiny as one from the nations who recognized Israel's Messiah, was grafted into His body, and supports Israel as a Gentile whose life has been (and is being) radically transformed by the Ruach HaKodesh." | The backstory behind our news group
Meet Collette "People started asking how I was getting such results. I shared how I was simply following principles of biblical health...first eating biblically clean, then remembering and keeping Shabbat, then celebrating the feasts of the Lord from Pesach to Succot." | Hebrew words for church and community
The book of Revelation tells us "they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony." Your story is your testimony. If you don't know how to tell it, how are you going to overcome? Telling your story is a lost art, a sacred rite that our tribe is bringing back. Some of these stories will inspire you and make you laugh. Others will challenge you, and maybe even offend you. These are real people, with real life stories, and what we have in common is a deep love for Yeshua and a desire to follow him. And that's what makes us "us".

These stories were originally shared in our weekly emails. If you love these stories from our diverse tribe, why don't you say "thank you" by sharing yours here? ~Izzy
Our Messianic congregation took our Torah scroll to a Vineyard assembly for a combined worship and as a part of our celebration of Shavuot. The thing is, this assembly worships in the building of a former Jewish synagogue. Synagogues keep an "eternal light" called a Ner Tamid on their Torah scrolls.
During the weekend they showed a video of Jewish life in Yeshua in the context of a Messianic congregation. I saw and heard things I was totally unfamiliar with that affected me very deeply. Things like the shofar blast, a Messianic Jewish father with a long beard standing at a table holding a cup of wine and reciting blessings at the Shabbat table, Davidic dancing, etc.
I organized Passover and started keeping Shabbat; began reading about Jesus’ Jewishness and putting dedicated time into reading Torah…it became more and more real to me – this Messiah, this Saviour…As I began talking with other women who felt the same I was introduced to Holy Language Institute. I watched a few of the YouTube videos and felt very engaged because it opened my eyes and mind to the idea “I could learn Hebrew!”
The Hebrew roots movement is a look into the “Hebrew” roots of our faith, but what it does not provide is an authentic look into the “Jewish” roots of our faith. I am fascinated with Izzy’s study of the Mishnah and am only growing more and more convinced of my convictions, that Yeshua of Nazareth can only be properly understood against the Jewish/rabbinic context of Yeshua’s world.
With a meek and humble heart I wish to share a very real supernatural Hebrew language experience I had near Pesach of 2015. One night I found a website called Academy of Ancient Languages where I discovered the Audio recordings of Abraham Shmuelof. In time, I landed on Song of Songs, the beautiful love letter written by King Solomon to his beloved (a type of love letter from Hashem to His beloved)...
I met Jesus in 2008 when I was held in a rehabilitation clinic, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and severe depression. I was locked in my room waiting for my therapist to arrive, and I heard on the television a preacher talking about Jesus’s forgiveness through his sacrifice on the cross, His unconditional love for me and that in Him we can be new creatures, old things ended, and that I should not bear the blame anymore. I could change my path whenever I wanted.
I have struggled with reading the Apostolic Scriptures. I have read them through many times over through my life, and, I admit, things were beginning to feel a little mundane. I know in my mind that each time I read God’s word it should be able to be a new experience with new revelation and greater understanding and intimacy with my Rabbi. But, I was definitely having a difficult time connecting with Yeshua’s Spirit in my heart while reading in English. I didn’t like this reality I was facing, but I was determined to press through, even in the dry season.
My journey to Torah observance and the desire to learn the Hebrew language as well as gain an understanding of the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective is multifaceted in nature. To begin with, as the daughter of a pastor, I had been a Christian for the majority of my life. Worshipping Yah with singing and music has been my life's passion and I have spent many years in worship ministry.
I decided to learn Hebrew, believing it would make Torah more meaningful. Initially, I learned from two sites: Hebrew4Christians and Holy Language Institute, and later others. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. I began teaching the Hebrew aleph-bet using the first 6 words from the blessings, Bauch atah Adonai, Eloheinu meleck ha-olam, as my structure.
The “Messianic movement” has in a lot of ways become the “Messy-anic movement,” fractured and splintered by the winds of shifting doctrine and those that fancy themselves as “Torah-cops.” There are those who denigrate the Jews for their practice of modern Judaism, and to me, this is just another form of anti-Semitism and replacement theology. I might not hold to every rabbinical precept, but I’m surely not going to disrespect my older brother—after all I am the prodigal son, the one that has come to his senses and returned to the faith.
She told me how she had been searching out her “Jewish roots.” She told me about this wonderful Bible study from First Fruits of Zion she was doing. She invited me to come over for coffee. When she read to me from the Bible study, I asked her to "please, teach me." Cheryl later invited me to go to a Passover with her, so I did go. At the Passover, the rabbi was talking about Jewish marriage customs.
I came to the faith in 2003.  I left the "church" in dissatisfaction by 2009.  What was preached was only partly lining up with what I was learning from Scripture.  I knew there was more to what I was being taught and reading.  I felt barriers because of lack of Hebrew language and cultural understanding.  I started my journey of learning the Jewish roots of my faith and ended up in the Hebrew Roots movement.  I discovered so much that was not truth about pagan holidays, the wrong day for worship (Sunday) and so much more.  I was angry, and I took it out on those who were not where I was in my learning.  I got the sacred name thing and bashed a lot of people over it.  All this is a fact I am not proud of.  The other topic in Hebrew Roots movement that is divisive and destructive is the calendar.  Of those around me, who understand we are to keep Shabbat and the Moedim, there are 5 different calendars.
Yeshua FOUND me when I was lost…and now I strive to follow Him and be on the same path. He called to me through so many people. He began to open my eyes to the beauty in Torah, the Word that became flesh. The Messiah is a Jew, and I want His ways to be my ways—His people to be my people.