Did you know Holy Language Institute is run almost entirely by volunteers? If you want to make history, give back, or if you think your life would be more awesome working with our passionate circle, you're right! If we accept your application, you'll also receive a free membership. And no, you don't need to know any Hebrew to volunteer. :)

Read this orientation to get a better sense of what working with us will involve. Then copy and paste these questions with your answers into an email to contact@holylanguage.com.

1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Phone Number:
4. Links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, etc:
5. MBTI personality type, including percentages and/or different test results (links are in the orientation):
6. Which animal did you pick, and why?

7. Which areas are you interested in? (Only list the ones you're interested in. And if you have ideas for something not listed, let us know.)
(mostly emails)
graphic design and art

legal (advice and assistance if needed)
news (checking news and adding articles to the weekly lineup)
(keeping groups and projects going)
social media
(scheduling posts, interacting with the tribe)
student care
(administrating student accounts, helping with graduate program and study group, calling new students)
teaching and blogging
(what are you passionate about?)
(lesson subtitles, Memrise course, teaching articles)
(prepping lessons for YouTube and iTunes)
(admistration, server upkeep)

8. What's your experience in the areas you're interested in? What could you see yourself doing?

9. Approximately how many hours a week are you available? Are you able to commit to at least half a year?

10. Tell us a little about your spiritual journey, and about your faith community if you're involved with one.

11. Please give us the name and contact information of at least one character reference who knows you well.

12. Please give us the contact information of at least one employer who could serve as a reference, and attach any resumes you've used in previous job applications, even if they're not related to what you're volunteering for.

13. Any other thoughts or questions?