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What’s Your Story?

Time Marches On

A year ago, we began writing for this blog, a dream, a team and a “whole lotta” love.  It is really amazing to me how much my own personal encounter with Yeshua has taken on a depth and a richness this past year, that is difficult to articulate, yet it is palatable nonetheless.

And I owe this blog, and it’s faithful readers, a debt of gratitude.  I don’t have a degree in psychology, but I know from experience that I learn so much more by sharing what I have learned… if that makes sense.  They call it “Teaching to Learn,” I think, and it is the act of creating rhetoric, re-telling the story, internalizing the lesson, enough to make it your own and pass it along…this is what you have done for me in the past year.

And the things we HAVEN’T written about (or at least not yet), the untold stories of victory and defeat.  The battle lines in the spirit, the tears, the lessons in humility….the volumes of things we as a tribe are doing for the Glory of Hashem, in the merit of Yeshua….these are the untold annals of our King.

And yet, we stand at the precipice of time, approaching the feasts anew, with expectation, and excitement, and sometimes with a sense of drudgery.

This year, I want to turn my voice to speak to those among us who have had your first hand at battle this past year.  When the armies of Pharaoh hunted us down in the night, and you trembled in fear….He was there.

When we complained because we had nowhere to turn… He had a plan.

When we lost all hope, because the sea had us cornered….He knew the way through.

And despite all the miracles He has displayed before us, for us, and has in store for us….we still miss a beat sometimes, and worry in the place where our faith should be.

(I do it, too.)

Here, at the precipice of time; here at the foot of the promised land, He is calling us again.  Do you hear your name being called out?  What is it that He WANTS from us?  What could He possibly need?  He has everything in this world, in the universe, and more.  What Does He Want?


Not the kind a faith that says there is always a happy ending (even though usually there is).  He needs emunah. Bitichon.  Trust.  Reliance.  


Like the generation before us, we all belong to one chorus, the chorus of saints bearing witness to the One Who Has All Power, to the One Who Created Us All, Blessed Be He.  And just like the generation before us, our time, too, will soon begin to fade, and all we will left to rest upon is the knowledge that we were faithful to the end.

For some of you these words are meant to inspire you into missions.  For others these words will remind you to hold your babies closer, and linger a little longer, and love a little deeper.

 For some of you this will sound like a shofar blast, arousing you from a life of materialism and greed.  For others, you remain uninspired, because today is not yet your day.

If you are listening, if this message is for you, heed these words:  “Time is short.”  And the problem with time is we are always planning to have more of it.

As you prepare the “Telling” (Haggadah) 1 for Pesach this year, what is it that you want the next generation to know?  How can you equip them with the knowledge of their King?  What questions would you tell them to ask?  What mysteries would you leave unsolved?

What story do you NEED to tell?

This year, a story of gratitude is rising up in me like never before.  This will only be our 8th Seder.  In 2009 we watched a Jews for Jesus Seder at a local church, and did a makeshift one of our own.  I remember I attempted to make pizza out of our leftover matzah 2 that year. Oy vey!  It was horrible!  If only I had met Jamie Geller at Joy of Kosher before then! 3 My husband and I both are grateful for her guidance in our kitchen.

Our favorite Pesach celebration, so far, was at the beginning of a feast cycle a couple years ago where I learned to sing Mi Kamocha, Shani Ferguson style, and had so much fun with abandoned worship…that fellowship would end later that fall as our faith was tested and tried again; as Yeshua was sent us all in different directions.  These are the stories that could discourage us, if we are not careful.  Instead, they remind us that we are not the keepers of the journey, we are merely faithful to walk where He sends us.  We do not own the ground we tread on.  We are sojourners in a land that is not our own.

My heart’s prayer for you this Pesach season, would be that you would find ways to say thank you, even in the midst of a dark or trying season, in every season, a simple, “Thank You,” for His faithfulness to you.  It is when I meditate on how close He has stuck to me, especially when I haven’t deserved it, that I am moved to worship anew in spirit and in truth.
Chag Sameach Rosh Chodesh Nissan!


SASHYA CLARK is a Disciple of Yeshua (Jesus) who practices Judaism.  She writes, home-schools three beautiful children, and plays music.  In her “free time” she also volunteers for Holy Language Institute and can be reached at  You are also welcome to find her on Facebook, or follow her personal blog at



  1. You can create your own at Have no fear!  This is one document the sages welcome and celebrate creativity, there are as many different seders as their are members of the Commonwealth of Israel!  So make it fun!  Or you are welcome to download and print off the one I created for my family
  2. Did you know that the word matzah in Hebrew just means “to find”?  Yes, that is because during the seder, a piece of it is broken off and must be found by the children!  Learn more at