Let's face it, Hebrew Quest isn't for the faint of heart. The lessons are long, and learning a new language is hard on the brain! Maybe you're one of those rare individuals with high levels of motivation and great study habits who just fly through the program with no outside assistance...but the reality is, most of us don't work that way. We get distracted, we feel lonely, or we hit the verbs lesson and it kills us! (Once you do that lesson you'll get the pun.) We need encouragement, reminders that it's learning time, and some personal contact.

We understand those needs! That's why we took the original Hebrew Quest lessons and created a Moodle course around them. Not only will you get to study with a small class and friendly TAs, you'll also get test questions and assignments to make your learning experiences more meaningful and memorable. You'll also finish with a beautiful keepsake journal, a graduation diploma to proudly hang on your wall and show off on social media, and your choice of a Hebrew letters mug or clay lamp just like Izzy uses!
Just as the Torah is divided into five books, Hebrew Quest is divided into five modules, with eight lessons in each module. Each module is named after a book of the Torah - Breisheet, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim. When you finish a module, you'll receive a certificate of achievement. Then, when you finish the entire course with all five modules, you'll be rewarded with a graduation diploma recognizing your basic fluency in biblical Hebrew, along with your choice of the mug or lamp.

Start now on your journey towards graduation on our Moodle course page.

(Before Moodle, we did have a graduation process that just involved watching the lessons and doing the Memrise tests. If you were working through that before we switched to Moodle at the start of 2018, please let us know here and we can give you the link to the old graduation page.)